Structural Retrofitting & Strengthening

Structural retrofitting and strengthening means to add extra strength to structure in addition to present strength. There are many reasons due to which strengthening in structure are required. They are as follow.

  • Additional floor required on existing building.
  • Additional machine has to place on existing structure.
  • Distress in structure due to Fire, Earthquake, corrosion etc.
  • Due Mistake in construction or structural designer
  • Changing in usage purpose. (Like example existing warehouse to be used as a process unit, like heavy crane to be added in existing structure what which crane load was not considered previously.)

Due to the above reason strengthening is required. We at P.Vora design and engineering consultants provides structural design for retrofitting and strengthening.

We have our in-house developed strengthening techniques which is cost effective. We can provide design and construction sequence such that even strengthening can be done in running plant structure. For different type of material different type of techniques are used.

For RCC Structure

  • RCC Column jacketing.
  • FRP Wrapping.
  • Steel plate jacketing.
  • Injection grouting.

For Steel Structure

  • Extra steel plate welding
  • Extra support adding
  • Bracing and shear key adding.

For Masonry

  • Steel Streep jacketing.
  • Addition of extra reinforcement at different level.
  • Grouting