Structural Audit & Certification

Structural audit means to do health checkup of existing structure. Structure may be damaged due to many reason like,

  • Degradation in RCC structure
  • Fire
  • Chemical corrosion
  • Over loading
  • Aging
  • Not proper maintenance
  • Earthquake

We are called as an Orthopedic doctor of the structure

Like when any patient goes to orthopedic doctor, first they do testing (Do X-ray), then after they study the test report. After understanding any problem, they thought the solution that what will have to do (Means to fix screw, plate or any other joinery) and then after they do operation.

On the same way we do the job. When any damaged structure has to do repairing, we will first do the testing. Ultrasound pulse velocity (UPV) test and core test are the main test that we do. After receiving we analyses the whole building. From analysis, we will get to know that , where extra strength is needed. Then after we do strengthening design and at the end our certified contractor will execute the job.


To do strengthening of any structure, first and foremost requirement is Existing structural drawing. As 95% of plant or Heritage structure don’t have their existing structural drawing. So we provide services to prepare existing structural drawing. We have a in-house team that execute to prepare existing structural drawing. We have do existing survey by,

  • 3D Laser Scanner Survey machine.
  • Total station and theodolite
  • Manually


To find the existing strength of any structure, strengthening test are required. It is accentual that there should not be any damaged to existing structure or very minor damaged during the testing. So that Non-distractive test has to be done. We are doing following non-distractive testing on structure.

For RCC Structure

  • Core test
  • Ultrasound pulse velocity (UPV Test)
  • Rebound hammer test
  • Shot-gun test
  • Impact test (It is our in-house development)

For steel structure.

  • Measurement of thickness of existing steel member by ultrasound thickness gauge.
  • Laboratory chemical testing.
  • Existing Sample tensile test.


Based on structural Field survey data and NDT testing we do structural re-analysis in state of the art in-house developed software. We have also developed design spreadsheet for analysis. From the analysis we came across to know that where extra strength is required and according to that we do structural Re-designing.


Based on General arrangement drawing, NDT data, structural re-analysis, re-desiging and other data received we certified structure for calculated load condition. We provide structural stability certificate for the same. We also provide full report on condition of structure.