Quantity Calculation, Bill Checking & Certification

We at P.Vora DEC provides the services for all type of civil and steel structure Bill of Quantity Calculation, Bill checking, On site bill certification, Tender document preparation, Drawing and calculation for legal work like bank loan, plan passing etc. and valuation.

Mostly manufacturing or other industrial companies do not have person for civil or construction work. So we work on behalf of that companies and we provide all on paper work for upcoming construction activity for their companies.

  • Bill of Quantity calculation: We provide services to client to calculate bill of quantity of civil as well as steel fabrication work. We provide services to calculate BOQ for structures that we have design as well as design by other consultants.
  • On site bill checking and certification:  Many times client’s requirement is to cross check work done by contractor. So our engineer will go on site, cross verify and measure each item which contractor has claimed in their data sheet, find if there any loopholes in contractor’s data sheet and at the and certify those bills.
  • Tender document preparation:  We are preparing private tender for project behalf of client to invite contractor for work. Both technical and Commercial tender shall be prepared by our in-house team.
  • Drawing and calculation for Legal work:  For the legal work like bank load, Plan passing in local authority, we are providing consultancy. For the bank load we are providing drawings and valuation of property. For plan passing we prepare drawing in local authority format.
  • Building valuation: We have team of registered valuer. Our team do on site survey and do value of properties as per current local rate.