Industrial Structural Designing & Detailing

We at P.Vora design and Engineering consultants provides fully integrated design and detailing services for various giant and complex engineering projects. Our serveries cover entire design for civil and structural engineering along with detailed construction, fabrication and erection drawing. Our highly skilled and trained team has a technical capacity to design based on all Indian code as well as international code like British standard, ACI, AISE, ASCE IBS, AS etc. We are providing following structural designing services.

  • Static and Dynamic Structural analysis.
  • FEM Analysis.
  • Wind and seismic load analysis.
  • Preparation of 3D model, shop drawing and Erection drawing.
  • Preparation of Structural analysis and Design report.
  • Proof checking and 3rd party design check.

Thermal (Coal And Gas) Power Plant Structure

We offer all type of structural engineering services for different structure of various power plants:

  • TG Deck for thermal plant.
  • High rise chimney.
  • Supporting structure for machines
  • Coal handling plant
  • Conveyor structure.
  • Boiler structure.
  • Pipe rack and platforms
  • Cooling tower

Chemical And Other Process Plants Structure

We can provide customized structural design services for different chemical process plant. As a chemical process plant, structures are highly prone to corrosion effects. To keep in mind that enough factor of safety to be kept during design of chemical plant. Following different structures that we have design for chemical plants.

  • High rise Distillation column structure.
  • Boiler house.
  • Process plant.
  • Chemical storage yard (Peso and Non-peso building).
  • Drier house
  • Utility buildings.
  • Vessel and Reactor supporting structure.

Pharmaceutical Plants Structure

Pharmaceutical is the most disciplined line among the all industries. They required more precision other than all industries. We have technical knowledge to provide structural design as per Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Union (EU) Committee for human Medicinal Product (CHMP) and Good manufacturing practices (GMP) manuals. Following are the structures that we have design in our professional carrier.

  • API and Formulation Plant for both Liquid and powder.
  • Biological process plant
  • Boiler house
  • Hazardous storage yard
  • Peso and Non-peso storage
  • Package STP
  • Pipe racks
  • Power control center room.

Sewage Treatment (S.T.P), Effluent Treatment (E.T.P) And Water Treatment Plant (W.T.P)

STP, ETP and WTP is the essential for treatment of water. WTP is to treat raw water and STP- ETP is used to treat Used water. There are different types of structure we have design for STP, ETP and WTP.

  • Clarifier
  • Inflate structure
  • Vortex structure
  • Partial flume
  • Grit chamber
  • Aeration tank.
  • Primary and secondary settling tank.
  • Alum storage and dosing tank.
  • Sludge storage tank.
  • Filter press.
  • Hazardous storage tank.

Pipe Rack Structure

It is very accentual structure to support different pipes and cable. It is accentual that all pipe rack must be stable on any load combination. We have technical capacity to design pipe rack as long as 30 m without ant support.

RCC Foundation for Heavy Structures Machines

In many cases heavy structures has directly supplied from vendor. Client has to place and fixed those with ground. So they required different foundation for those structure. We have provided different foundation for following structures.

  • For Wind mill structure foundation.
  • For P.E.B Structures.
  • For Cooling tower.
  • For Package STP.
  • For Pre-Fabricated Steel Chimney.
  • Rotatory Machines.
  • Pre-Fabricated Distillation tower

Structural Optimization of Mechanical Fabrication

It is a unique services that we have provide specially to mechanical fabrication industries. As a mechanical fabrication industry, most of time they don’t have structural designer or sophisticate structural design. So they fabricate structure based on their past experience. Due to this material shall not utilized up to its maximum capacity. We at P.Vora D.E.C provides structural optimization services. A mechanical fabricator provide have to provide us past deign and we can optimized it keeping all safety and standard in mind. Following structure, we have optimized in our professional experience.

  • Weight –Bridge structure.
  • O.T crane and Crane beam structure.
  • Porta Cabin
  • Pre-Fabricated Chimney
  • Ready made mezzanine

Spreader Beam and Lifting Beams

Spreader beam and lifting beams the hook lifting devices that lift loads with single or multiple attachment points. Spreader beam act as a crosspiece for spacing the hooks or chains that hold loads such as bundles, rolls, cylinders and machinery. We have great experience designing heavy duty material handling equipment such as lifting beam (One type of crane beam) and spreader beams for use in primary steel mills, steel services centers, pulp and paper mills, power plants and in difficult environments with varied crane layout.