Industrial Planning, Architectural & Interior Design

We at P.Vora design and Engineering consultants provides fully integrated planning and architectural consultancy for green field as well as Expansion of Industries. We fulfill every project that we undertake with extra-ordinary quality. We have a team of experienced and licensed architects, engineers and professionals who lead the designing phase. They acquired very reach design experience during their professional carrier. They develop project concept, plan and design solutions to meet customized objectives. The team works on project design, analysis of the structural system and provides assistance with specific parts or components. They took care of various technical aspects such as geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire-protection, field surveying, environmental planning, etc.

At P.Vora,  we have worked in very diverse geographical areas and we are well versed with the process of integrating design with local practices for public and private sector projects. As Civil and Structural engineering consultants, we also host the following services in our Industrial planning and design phase.

  • Industrial Master Planning and Planning of different internal units.
  • Architectural, Exterior and Interior Planning and designing.
  • Mechanical Piping designing.
  • HVAC Design.
  • Fire-Protection design.
  • Electrical, Lightening and ELV System.
  • Site development, Landscape development and Road-Pavement design.
  • Plumbing, Drainage and storm water system design.
  • 3D visualization and walk throw of entire project