Cold Form Structures

Cold form structures are generally made from Light gauge steel structure. Light gauge steel members are made by folding galvanized steel plate. Those are used extensively in industrial building as a secondary load carrying members such as wall purlin and wall girts.

Now a days with advancement of technology, these members are also used as a primary load –carrying members. Due to their large flat width to thickness ratios, cold formed steel members are inherently susceptible to local, distortional and global buckling modes, resulting in a complex design and optimization process for cold form steel structure.

Analysis and Design

Our all design and detailing are based on IS 801:1975. We do analysis and modelling in latest structural designing software. After getting result from software, we do design of structure. We have our in-house developed spread sheet for designing. This type of structure are used generally for upto G+1 structures. Following are the different design we are doing for any structure.

  • Cold form steel truss
  • Truss bracing
  • Roof deck assembly
  • Shear transfer framing.
  • Eave edge structural support system

Detailing and Drawing

Following type detailing and drawing we are providing for structures.

  • Engineered cold form steel framing.
  • Framing for Interior and exterior.
  • Framing for floor, wall, roof and truss.
  • Paneling for wall.
  • Design report and Inspection.
  • Foundation connection with RCC pedestal.